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     Durante los últimos cuatro años, So-So ha sido un espacio en el que curadores, creadores y empresarios como yo se pueden reunir y aprender de uno al otro. Mel ha aportado su propia nostalgia y estilo personal a la tienda So-So que tiene vibras de kawaii, las cuales conocemos y apreciamos. Como nueva socia, e sonado integrar un pedazo de lo que soy y mi cultura a So-So.  Cual es una ciudad donde Latinos han continuado a establecer sus raíces. Una ciudad llena de cultura. Una ciudad donde uno puede soñar. Como yo, una niña que viene de un pueblito pequeño; adolescente vendiendo ropa; a una mujer con dos hermosas tiendas; organizadora y anfitriona de mercados en la Bahía; y ahora la ciudad de latinos orgullosos en las calles de Los Ángeles.

Los Ángeles nos ha estado pidiendo esto y estamos orgullosas de traerles el Supermercado So-So.

As a first generation Chicana Mexican-American, Xitlaly, the road to success was never meant to be easy. As a young girl, it was instilled in me that we had to make space for us to be seen. To my friend Mel, who’s now my business partner, without hesitation she saw me. Sisterhood is what So-So is made from. 

The Bay will forever be where it all began: So-so Market, a gathering place in our beautiful cities by the sea, and So-So Supermarket, the dream bedroom and closet we all dreamed about in the form of the cutest shops. For the past four years, So-So has been a space for curators, makers and entrepreneurs like myself to connect and grow. Mel has brought her own nostalgia and personal style to the So-So kawaii vibes we all know and cherish. As a new partner, I’ve been longing to bring a piece of me and my culture to So-So, in a city where Latinos have continued to establish their roots. A city full of cultura. A city of dreams. From a small town girl selling clothes as a teen, to opening two beautiful stores and hosting markets in the Bay, to now being in the city of proud latinos in the streets of Los Angeles. LA, you have been asking, and we are so grateful to bring you So-So Supermercado ♥️

Opening this Summer in East LA on Virgil & Melrose, you can shop local vintage curators and makers everyday, plus weekend mini markets right outside. LA-based vendors, you are welcome to apply now, and make sure to follow along our journey at @sososupermercado

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